Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has absolutely become a part of our present and is an ideal tool enabling interactive viewings of rooms, buildings or outdoor areas, even if they do not yet exist in real life.

If you’re not sure whether one of these technologies is the right fit for your company, check out some of our articles on the matter:

The Digital Realities – AR, VR, MRAR, VR, MR

How do Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality differ from one another?
You’re not quite sure? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it here.



Hololens – The Ultimate AR Glasses?

In 2016,  we were able to test the Microsoft Hololens for the first time. By now, we have successfully completed several Hololens projects. Here are our very first impressions, though.



Oculus Rift - Hand-On

Warum Virtual Reality jetzt wirklich real ist

A short introduction into the topic of Virtual Reality – from the right equipment to various possibilities of employing the technology in your company’s digital strategy.



AR and VR as Building Materials

Humans have been building things for as long as anyone can remember. Many different materials were used over the centuries and millennia.  For a comparatively short time, we’ve also been using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as different kinds of “building materials”. But what are the advantages of using them and what can they be used for?



GDC 2018 – AR/VR News & Trends

The tech industry in general and the Augmented & Virtual Reality branches in particular are very fast-moving industries, with lots of new developments and knowledge being created every day. As a company, it is important to stay on top of our game, keep up with new announcements and releases and quickly evaluate and adapt to new and emerging technologies.


Moving About in VR: Redirected Walking

The most intuitive way of moving through the virtual world is by moving your own body. Unfortunately, the virtual world is limited by actual physical space. Thus, we explain why Redirected Walking is a particularly interesting way of representing movement in VR.



Motion Sickness in VR

In virtual reality, a very important part of development is getting rid of the motion sickness. This article covers everything around motion sickness, its origins and how to reduce it in VR games.



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