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5 Business Use Cases for Augmented Reality

Obviously, we think that Augmented Reality is the future and by now, this technology has entered the mass market quite well. The first reaction to seeing an AR application for the first time is always amazement and yet, we’re often asked whether companies can really benefit from Augmented Reality apps. The short answer is, “Yes, definitely!” and the longer answer can be found in the following 5 use cases for Augmented Reality in general and businesses in particular.

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Milestones – how big and small ideas change the (business) world

For us, 2017 was a year of milestones, with respect to the technologies we work with as well as well as in terms of our company’s development. Thus, the question I asked myself when writing this article was the following: what do the milestones in the development of Augmented Reality have in common with the milestones we celebrated here at CodeFlügel?

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