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Git LFS for Dummies

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Versionsverwaltungssysteme wie Git kennt und nutzt (hoffentlich) jeder Entwickler. Was aber, wenn die Daten einmal nicht textbasiert vorliegen; wenn Multimedia Assets auch eingecheckt werden sollen? Eine Todsünde?

git add with LFS

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Commitment Issues – Git Branching made easy

Imagine a software development world without Git & Git Branching. Unthinkable – kinda. Linus Torvalds’ version control system is used in companies, universities and open source projects alike and it’s easy to get used to its powerful but simple approach. Still, everyone likes a different workflow, which is why teams have to adjust and agree on something to work as a team. A short guide to Git Branching – Commitment Issues gone.

Git Branching
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