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Chatbot to go, extra smart

Chatbots are a dime a dozen. Except for Alexa, Siri and co most of them are pretty stupid though. They only react to specific keywords and respond with a pre-defined phrase. Wouldn’t it be great to actually use the current hype around Machine Learning (ML) and NLP / NLU (Natural Language Processing / Understanding) to bring your chatbot to the next level? With a little bit of help from Microsoft Bot Framework, Botkit, Botmaster, API.AI, Wit.ai, Watson, LUIS and whatnot, you are in for a treat.

Chatbot/Robot by Alex Knight
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Digitalization – What now?

The topic of digitalization has been on everybody’s lips for a while now. But what does it really mean? What does it do to traditional industries and how digitalized have we become? In one of his talks, the well-known business angel Hansi Hansman said that he estimates a degree of digitalization of only a few percent. Long story short: the amount of digitalization will definitely be increasing. In all industries and markets.

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