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Augmented Reality – Try before you buy

A little while ago, Pete wrote about all the new features Vuforia 7 has to offer. Today I will go a little bit into detail about the new “Ground Plane” and “Fusion” features. But don’t worry, this will be totally practice-oriented and not too technical. Thus, today’s blog post will tell you what all the fuss is all about and, more importantly, what you can do with all those new features.

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Vuforia 7 – Augmented Reality gets even better!

Many of you will have noticed that Augmented Reality is really booming right now. To a large part, that’s due to the fact that the big players in the app business (Apple and Google) are throwing a lot of money and resources at AR right now. Among other things, that resulted in both of them publishing their own AR frameworks. But there’s another player who is committed to making our lives more interesting.

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Digitalization – What now?

The topic of digitalization has been on everybody’s lips for a while now. But what does it really mean? What does it do to traditional industries and how digitalized have we become? In one of his talks, the well-known business angel Hansi Hansman said that he estimates a degree of digitalization of only a few percent. Long story short: the amount of digitalization will definitely be increasing. In all industries and markets.

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