Science Fiction becomes (Augmented) Reality

20 years ago, you might have seen it in a science fiction movie – now, it is our daily business. Augmented reality has established itself as a successful technology about to conquer the world.

Imagine some customers flipping through your product catalog. They discover something they like and want to know more about it. They quickly reach for their smartphone or tablet where your app is already installed and point the camera at the desired product. Immediately, additional information as well as more pictures and videos of the product appear on the screen. Eventually, they decide to buy the product. Luckily, the digital shopping cart is just one click away.

Also at trade fairs, there is ample opportunity to offer your customers new experiences and thus be remembered longer. From 3D animations with visual effects and intricate product configurators which can also be a tool for your sales staff to the latest applications in iBeacon and NFC technology, there are smart and useful solutions for any industry.

At the electronica 2014 trade fair, our customer Seidel Elektronik proved to be a pioneer in innovative product presentation. Various electronic components within a commercial vehicle were visualized and animated  in 3D. With the resulting augmented reality app, customers were thus able to virtually pop the vehicle’s hood and take a closer look at Seidel’s electronic components. The visitors were excited to try the app themselves and the virtual trade fair booth became an instant hit.