The mobile app zcircle. is the digitalization of the classic reader’s circle principle. It is a digital kiosk where
subscribers can provide free digital content to their customers on their premises.

Among the zcircle. subscribers are cafés, hair salons, airports, train stations and doctor’s offices places where people spend a lot of time waiting. The goal of the zcircle. app is to fill these waiting periods with interesting and entertaining reading material. The subscribers can choose from a wide range of magazines and put together just the right portfolio for their customers. As long as the customers are located on the subscribers’ premises, they can read those magazines for free on their own smartphones or tablets.

Thanks to modern bluetooth beacon technology, the access location can be very precisely restricted. Thus, once a customer has left the premises, they no longer have access to the magazines. Currently, the app is being used in multiple Austrian cities and locations.

You can also find further information at www.zcircle.at