Previously at CodeFlügel in 2017

Since I have the honour of writing our last blog entry of the year, I thought a year in review theme of 2017 would be apt: Thanks to our amazing and fantastic team for everything we have experienced and created in 2017. I am looking forward to another exciting and eventful year with all of you.

[The End]

Okay… well… I was just told by several people that, while correct in terms of content, this is a little short for a decent blog entry. And just to let you know, my second idea of simply listing all our past blog entries from 2017 was immediately shut down as well. Therefore, you will get a little prose from me after all. But go forward with a little warning: it did turn out a little more personal than I had initially planned.

The year 2017 … where to begin? …What were the highlights? It’s always fascinating how short the year feels and which events you immediately recall at the end of it.


My personal highlights were definitely when we exhibited at two trade shows in Hanover, the almost three months when my co-founder Claus was on paternity leave, my delegation trip to the Silicon Valley, our presentation at the StartupSpritzer on the Murinsel, the Technology Forum Alpbach and the odd client meeting. The longer I think about this past year, the more personal highlights come to mind. Many of these, you might have seen or read about here on the blog or over on Facebook. Therefore, I won’t go into detail about them. Because there were also many things which aren’t really visible at first glance and which are not made up of one single event.

As a company, we‘re almost seven years old now. And the way I see it, we’ve just gone through puberty. We’ve tried many things during those years and we’ve gone down a few blind alleys as well. Some mistakes were made multiple times and I’m sure that will happen again from time to time. I won’t say that our journey of self-discovery is done. That can’t and shouldn’t be the goal – otherwise we could just plop down on the couch right now and save ourselves the bother of any further development. But we did gain a certain stability in many important points, which I find quite pleasing. Whether it’s Marketing and Sales or the internal communication structures and the general social interaction among our team members, we realized many of our ideas and scrapped a few of them. That process will remain as long as the company exists.

For the number aficionados among you, I’ve also got some hard facts and figures: In 2017, more than 5000 … no, only joking – I won’t go into that. That’s not what this is about.

Development is what it’s about

The exciting and cool (do people still use that word or is it too eighties?) thing for me is seeing the development of my team members. And I don’t necessarily mean their professional skills. What I enjoy much more is the personal development of everyone around me (and actually my own as well). And I do mean everyone on our team – I could honestly tell you about one or more positive developments of every single one of us that happened over the past year, but that would be, if anything, too personal. All I’ll say is that every day I am positively surprised by the skills and qualities slumbering in everybody I know. It is my personal goal to nurture this development as well as possible in our team – and yes, I don’t always manage to do it as well as I would like. But if I’m completely honest, I do feel pride when I see all the small as well as the larger developments going on.

There are only very few days per year where I can’t find the motivation to get up in the morning and drive to work. This is something I am very thankful for, because I have experienced very different times in my life. The fact that I love getting up and going to work now is almost entirely due to the people and tasks awaiting me every day.

And since this now really is the moment for it: Thank you from all my heart to this amazingly fantastic team for everything we’ve experienced and created in 2017 – I really do mean it. I am looking forward to the excitement and adventure that is yet to come.

And to you readers I can promise this: 2018 is going to be just as entertaining and eventful! Love and peace – or as they say in my Alpine home: an Fried, an Reim un an G’sund! (believe me, a translation could not do it justice)