New Augmented Reality App for Hartl Haus

The new augmented reality app breathes life into the well-known prefab house manufacturer Hartl Haus’ new catalog. When house-hunting, you can now take a virtual tour of your dream home or view it as a miniature 3D model – directly inside the catalog.

how the Hartl Haus app works

The long-established company Hartl Haus is also a regular trendsetter in the prefab house manufacturing industry. Their new augmented reality app which was published in July of this year offers clients and prospective buyers the opportunity to make a more emotional connection with the houses presented in the sales catalog and turns hunting for the perfect house into an interactive adventure. Using the app is easy: open the app, then view the pictures marked with the app icon through your smartphone and marvel at what the app has in store.

We are especially happy to have had the chance to develop this pioneering application together with Hartl Haus and, of course, that the app is being positively received by the public. “Apps have become a part of everyday life for most people, to the point where they can get annoying. They can do many things, but bringing a smile and a look of excitement to people’s faces is a very difficult task and a certain kind of magic. CodeFlügel is definitely a master in this respect,” remarks Yves Suter, Head of Online Marketing & Development at Hartl Haus contentedly.

The app can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Hartl Haus iOS app  Hartl Haus Android app


Watch the app in action:


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