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We produce custom software, that is tailored to your company’s exact needs. “One size fits all” is not our syle. As such, we deal with a large number of technologies and approaches in order to turn your imagination into reality on a daily basis.

Particularly chatbots are a big hype and currently among the most sought-after custom software products. Possible applications are range from simply answering frequently asked questions and support in various areas to more complex systems in recruiting and HR. All use cases have one thing in common: they are a huge time-saver for your team, be it in support, HR or other divisions. How does this technology work and how can you best harness its advantages?

Here, you can find a selection of our articles on this and other related topics:

Chatbots and Artificial IntelligenceChatbot Basics

A short introduction to the Augmented Reality technology. If you’re not a seasoned Chatbot-pro, you might want to start here.



Chatbots extra smart

Chatbot to go, extra smart

Building on simpler applications and frameworks, we’ll show you how chatbots can become even smarter through machine learning.



Chatbots Support

Chatbots for Support

A tailor-made use case for chatbots is customer support. Here’s what you should keep in mind, if you’re thinking about implementing this kind of solution.



360° – Glimpses into the Future

The old headquarters of the Austrian postal and telegraph service administration center are being turned into a luxury property and we helped with the digital staging of the building’s future.



3D product configurator on a website

3D Productvisualization on the Web

By utilizing the latest web technologies, 3D configurators can now be integrated directly into websites and online shops. Thus, they can be used by anyone at home, without the need to install additional software.



Are Watches Smarter than Glasses?

In this post, we talk about two projects from our portfolio, where we use smartwatches. In the first one, smartwatches were used as a more than adequate substitute for smartglasses and in the second, as a powerful addition to an existing app.



Why businesses need Interactive Walls

Interactive walls and surfaces are a great way to add that little extra to your marketing endeavors. Images are displayed or otherwise projected on a surface your customers can interact with via touch. There are many ways to utilize them in order to showcase your products and give your brand that extra image boost.



via Flickr, user

Beacon Basics for Beginners

In this article, we explain in very simple terms about beacons. What are they, what are they good for and how can you use them?



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