Content is King

For the success of our applications, one thing is extremely important: the quality of the content. Fortunately, we have some really amazing partners in that area, who we love to collaborate with regularly and successfully. Read on to find out who these partners are.

education, technology and internet concept - smiling students with tablet pc computer at school

Are these statements true or false? (make a mental note: yes-no-maybe-don’t know)

– I can transport a machine that weighs 40 tons and consists of hundreds of individual parts very easily in the pocket of my jeans.

– I can visually illustrate for you the differences between 5 kinds of steel in a few seconds.

– I can show you your new marquee and blinds directly in your home before you buy them (and let you pick your favourite from hundreds of variations)

– I can take you to a building site and show you the finished building, even though they’ve barely started construction.

Here’s the answer (turn your monitor or display to find out if you were right 😉


Now, maybe you’re thinking, “What? How can this be? Are they f*in’ kidding?” But seriously, these are all technically feasible (you can read here how) and they’re pretty standard augmented reality applications and solutions (for us, anyway 😉 Just download our AR applications from the AppStores, open them on your smartphone or tablet and point it at the so-called target and… be amazed.

But what I want to do today is tell you, who (except for us, the CodeFlügel team) is involved in making these small wonders. And I also want to thank all of them for making these partnerships so great!

3D modelling and animation

Let’s go back to the machine. Let’s say someone wants to show another someone a large machine or plant. So far so good, but unfortunately these two someones are on different parts of the planet. Transport and logistics seem impossible. Thus, someone no. 1 asks us for help and comes to us with CAD data from his construction program. Cue the amazing Phil. He comes in and starts 3D-modelling and animating. He gets feedback from our someone to find out whether all the details, movements and processes conform to reality and whether everything that is being visualized is what’s supposed to be seen. If it is, he perfects, optimizes and reduces the 3D model to the smallest possible amount of data – so that it will even fit on the smartphone of your mum. 😉

See an example of our collaboration: the KUKA app


Videos and Animations

Unbelievably creatively and with extremely high quality – these are only some words to describe the way in which the guys from Unter freiem Himmel manage to visualize various processes, stories or products. That’s right, they are our partners for all our animation and video production needs. Whatever the target audience, Gernot, Michael and Benjamin always throw 100% of their combined talent into every project. We always love working with them and are proud to be a part of their fan community.

See an example of our collaboration: the trade show app for Böhler Edelstahl


Branding and Design

For us, “the moodleys” are our neighbors, post-it freaks, spin-off buddies, and much more. For other companies, they are the branding and design specialists. Many a joint project was turned into an amazing customer experience through the combination of their design and branding knowhow and our technological realization.

Just look at our latest project: The LEHA App


360° visualizations

Any way you slice it, specialists for visualizations are always great for setting the right tone and creating emotion. I’m talking about Bernhard and Patrick from freedimensions. With their creative realism and their great love for detail, they manage to create almost unbelievably photorealistic pictures of things that don’t even exist (yet). To this day, I don’t quite know how they do it, but their work produces a lot of positive vibes, which I know from my own experience and the raving reactions to one of our joint projects.

See for yourself: the Argos app

Augmented Reality and architecture app

Of course, there are other people we work with on the steps that come before and after the programming of such augmented reality apps. But that’s a topic for another time. And, naturally, there are projects where we simply work with our clients and no partners at all – obviously, we always let our clients choose how they want to do it (bring their own partners on board, provide the content themselves, etc.)

But: after successfully realizing way above 100 projects and six years of experience, we can honestly say that we are real fans of all the teams mentioned above. Not least because it is true what they say, “content is king!”

Why we work this way

Right, I should probably also tell you why we work how we work. We are programmers – we love dealing with new technologies and their functions, with usability, programming languages, libraries, code, algorithms, … bottom line, we do a lot and we know a lot. We are a team whose primary focus is to take these fascinating technological concepts and translate them so they work for you in your home or your company.

This is what we are good at and we’re comfortable handing other things over to partners who really know their stuff, so that we can create even more value for our clients. If I were feeling mean-spirited, I’d show you some examples of – in our opinion – unfortunate applications from all over the world, but I’m not really like that, so I won’t. Instead, I’ll take this opportunity to say thanks again to our amazing collaborators. I really look forward to more of this in the future!