CodeFlügel goes Fifteen Seconds Festival

For four years, bright and creative people from all corners of the world and from many different industries have been flocking to Graz for two days in Summer. With their know-how, they set new trends in marketing, advertising, media, technology, digital, HR and leadership. This year, six stages were home to 100 speakers who aimed to enthuse, fascinate and inspire about 5000 visitors. Networking, inspiration and knowledge transfer are central to the event – after all, it is about thinking ahead and creating the future together.

Of course, this is an event CodeFlügel cannot afford to miss! Thus, sticking to a slogan in Fifteen Second’s ad campaign, ‘creativity meets inspiration’, Alisa re-designed our Inspiration magazine and my fellow developers and I created the Augmented Reality app to accompany it, which is available for free on GooglePlay and the AppStore. Claus and Marlene worked hardest leading up to the event, since they were also among the 100 speakers. “Hipsters vs. Nerds: how to realize Augmented Reality projects in Marketing” was the evocative title of their speaker session, which was held for about 300 interested attendees on the afternoon of the first festival day. If you happened to miss it, here’s a visual summary, courtesy of VerVieVas, who made one of their charming graphic recordings for all panels.

In addition to CodeFlügel, there were many other interesting personalities present, who didn’t hesitate to share their knowledge with the community. One of them was Heather Mills – WOW, what an impressive woman! Her company VBites, one of the leading suppliers of vegan food, came into being due to Mills’ life-changing accident in which she lost one of her legs. The youthful fifty-year-old refuses to be thrown off-course by anything that comes her way, despite having had a hard childhood. The multi-talent holds multiple records in various winter sport disciplines, won a gold medal in the Paralympics as a skier, is an activist in the fight against landmines and an advocate for amputees.

Design-genius and Head of Design Transformation at InVision, Stephen Gates, didn’t only impress with customers such as Apple, Google, IBM or Adobe in his keynote. Also the speed at which he managed to talk while doing that flummoxed many of his listeners.

“You have to look at data like Sherlock Holmes” – Hmm, can normal people even manage to think like the famous detective? Sure! Simply put, it is about using data as a basis to generate new ideas. That was one of the valuable tipps Niklas Wiesauer had to offer during his presentation with the (underappreciated) title “Is Data The Future of Creativity Or Just A Star Trek Character?”

Also off the stage, visitors were delighted with many fun things. The IKEA ball-pit, for example, offered refreshment to our heads burning with knowledge and curiosity. Or hunger – a day at the Fifteen Seconds festival can get you extremely hungry for more than just knowledge – was satisfied by vegan sausages by Hermann Fleischlos, which even managed to convince the most hard-core meat eaters among us. And speaking of meat eaters, we couldn’t miss the chance to take a photo with the humongous ‘nodding dog’ sponsored by Mercedes Benz and finally, flying a drone through an obstacle course was a pretty hard challenge for us.











In the Startup area, tomorrow’s big bosses presented their innovations and the organisation “female founders” with their catchy slogan “The future is female” showed the career possibilities for women today.

Since networking belongs to the vernacular of such events, we used the inviting spaces offered by the Street Food Area, the Braindate Lounge and many other possibilities to connect with visitors and exhibitors alike. Also at our booth, we made some exciting new contacts, talked about interesting projects and simply “codeflügeled” a few of our visitors.

“Don’t just think outside of the box. Create a new one.” was written on the fortune cookie that came with the festival’s ‘goodie bag’. With this and many other valuable tips in our pocket, we left the probably most inspiring event in Styria highly motivated and ready to do big things.

Our bottom line: it’s an exciting festival where you can try many new things and from which you can take away lots of great ideas and know-how. We are already looking forward to 2019. Until then: The future belongs to the curious ones! #thinkahead19