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Recruitainment mit Extended Reality aufs nächste Level heben

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Im klassischen Bewerbungsprozess lässt sich meist wenig über den Bewerber herausfinden. Dass er Auskunft über die Fähigkeiten und Spezifikationen gibt, ist ganz klar. Doch ob der Bewerber tatsächlich ins Team passt oder ob die Stelle den Vorstellungen des Bewerbers entspricht, ist nicht immer auf Anhieb erkennbar.

Nun stell dir vor, es gäbe die Möglichkeit den Bewerber auf spielerische und lockere Art und Weise richtig und im Speed Dating Tempo kennenzulernen. Gleichzeitig soll der Bewerber einen authentischen und professionellen Eindruck des Unternehmens vermittelt bekommen. Genau diese Möglichkeit gibt es und Recruitainment macht es möglich.

Hört sich doch gut an oder?

Recruitainment Titelbild Blogbeitrag

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In welchen Bereichen werden AR und VR das Marketing und die Werbung verändern?

Die erweiterten Realitäten, also AR, VR und MR bahnen sich gerade den Weg in die Werbe- und Marketingwelt und sind dabei, auch diesen Bereich umzukrempeln. Vielen ist aber noch unklar, wie diese Technologien genutzt werden können, um unser Leben zu vereinfachen und das Marketing effektiver zu machen. In diesem Beitrag werde ich euch ein paar kurze Impulse geben, wie sich diese Technologien in Zukunft auf das Marketing und die Werbung auswirken werden.

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Augmented Reality: from a WOW-Effect to a Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, Augmented Reality (AR) is a concept known to most. Fiction became reality and linking digital content to the real world is no longer a problem. Although the technology was more of a gimmick in its beginnings, more and more companies and brands are now recognising the marketing potential it offers. In this article, I’ll tell you why every company should be thinking about an Augmented Reality marketing strategy – because AR is able to do so much more than just entertain!

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Moving about in VR: Redirected Walking

There are different ways of moving about in a virtual world. The most intuitive and most natural way is simply through the movement of your own body. Thus, you can explore the virtual environment just as you would in the real world. The obvious disadvantage, though, is that the virtual World is constrained by the space that is physically available to you at the time. In this article, I will list some techniques of representing movement in VR and explain why Redirected Walking is a particularly interesting example among them.

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Motion Sickness in VR

Over the last few years, VR in the gaming section has almost become mainstream, although it’s still a challenge to make it as comfortable as it is desired. While usually, the main focus for developing a game is on the graphics or the story, for VR games it is getting rid of the motion sickness. This article covers everything around motion sickness, its origins and how to reduce it in VR games.

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GDC 2018 AR/VR News & New Developments

The tech industry in general and the Augmented & Virtual Reality branches in particular are very fast-moving industries, with lots of new developments and knowledge being created every day. As a company, it is important to stay on top of our game, keep up with new announcements and releases and quickly evaluate and adapt to new and emerging technologies.

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360° – Glimpses into the Future

Work on the revitalization of the former “K.K. Telegrafen Centrale” (telegraph center) at the prestigious address of Börseplatz 1 in Vienna has already started. The old headquarters of the Austrian postal and telegraph service administration center will be turned into a luxury property with a total of 39 condos for people for whom the price doesn’t matter. As before in Graz, we helped with the digital staging of the building’s future.

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AR and VR as Building Materials

Humans have been building things for as long as anyone can remember. Many different materials were used over the centuries and millennia.  For a comparatively short time, we’ve also been using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as different kinds of “building materials”. But what are the advantages of using them and what can they be used for?

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Storytelling in the Digital Age

Some time ago, my little son was sitting in our living room playing with his toy cars. He loves those and separating him from them, when he is re-enacting a dramatic race is all but impossible. That day, though, something was different. I had just installed an app on my smartphone with which I could magically (to him, anyway) make a dragon appear. So, I asked him whether he wanted to see an awesome magic trick. Sure, he did. He came over and looked at my smartphone, when suddenly the dragon appeared out of nowhere and went flying across the room.


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