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Prototyping mit Adobe Xd – aber Hallo!

Unser Team besteht zum größten Teil aus nerdigen Entwicklern, dennoch erfüllen wir das Klischee, in der Entwicklung unserer Software nur auf die Funktion zu achten, überhaupt nicht. Bei uns wird Qualität großgeschrieben. Daher versuchen wir, mit Hilfe von Wireframes und den daraus resultierenden Prototypen, unser Konzept für den Kunden möglichst anschaulich zu gestalten. Wenn wir für einen Kunden ein Wireframe einer App oder einer Homepage erstellen, greifen wir meist zu Adobe Xd. Der Vorteil dabei: Man kann nicht nur verständliche Grundkonzepte schnell erstellen, sondern diese auch bei Bedarf um einzelne Details erweitern.

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Motion Sickness in VR

Over the last few years, VR in the gaming section has almost become mainstream, although it’s still a challenge to make it as comfortable as it is desired. While usually, the main focus for developing a game is on the graphics or the story, for VR games it is getting rid of the motion sickness. This article covers everything around motion sickness, its origins and how to reduce it in VR games.

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5 Usability and User Experience (UX) Tips for Developers

Usability and user experience have become important keywords over the past few years. The goal is to provide your users with applications and programs they can operate intuitively and without restrictions. They should guide the users towards a satisfying result and make interacting with them as enjoyable as possible. That’s why today, I’ve got a few pointers for you on how to achieve this.

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iOS Apps with the Pleasures of a Modern User Experience

New iOS, new iPhones – new design standards! It’s been one month since Apple has revealed iOS 11 and its adoption rate is almost at 50%. On the other hand, there’s Android as their largest competitor, which has only 17% adoption rate for one-year-old version, Android Nougat. Apple makes a big deal about releasing their new iOS every year, so their users are used to following fresh and modern iOS standards. Incidentally, that’s exactly what you should do when making an app of your own. So let’s have a look at some basic design principles that will give your app the look and feel of the new iOS.

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Augmented Reality and Usability

Sometimes it can be hard for users to navigate Augmented Reality apps. Either because they don’t really know what to do with AR or because they can’t work the app. But it won’t do to utter a sighed, “the world simply isn’t ready for this yet!” and give up. There are a few things you can do to prevent that scenario, which is why we’re sharing some of our tips with you today.

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How to make Customers Happy

I’m sure many a developer and creative service provider is on occasion pondering that very question. Well, it could be achieved with chocolate, wine, super low prices, etc. But it would probably work better with ongoing communication and active inclusion of the client in the development process. But how to put that rather abstract notion into practice?


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