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CoSA: Unser Beitrag zum Center of Science Activities

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Das CoSA (Center of Science Activities) hat am 19. Oktober offiziell seine Türen geöffnet und bietet auf 1200 m² in 13 verschiedenen Bereichen eine Vielzahl an interaktiven Stationen rund um das Thema Technik und Naturwissenschaft. Wir durften zusammen mit dem Museum Joanneum, Frida & freD und unseren Freunden von Unter freiem Himmel bei der Entwicklung dieses großartigen Projektes mitwirken.

cosa Titelbild

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GDC 2018 AR/VR News & New Developments

The tech industry in general and the Augmented & Virtual Reality branches in particular are very fast-moving industries, with lots of new developments and knowledge being created every day. As a company, it is important to stay on top of our game, keep up with new announcements and releases and quickly evaluate and adapt to new and emerging technologies.

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Performance Reports in Unity

Let’s start with an uncomfortable truth: No matter how well-programmed your app or game is, there’s a possibility it’s going to crash at one point. Now, if that happens, an angry user’s mail saying: “Your app crashed, fix it!” isn’t particularly helpful. Even worse, if you don’t get any crash notifications at all, so you’re just left wondering why your app store ratings are declining.


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Working in Unity as a Team

Unity is really great for developing Augmented Reality (AR) applications and games. It’s easy to use and powerful, but once your project gets bigger, or you’re working with a large team, it’s likely you’ll stumble upon some shortcomings or problems regarding collaboration on the project. This blogpost should guide you through the most common stumbling blocks and enable you and your team to smoothly sail through the development process of a typical Unity project.


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3D model optimization for mobile devices

Interactive 3D content is the big thing in technology right now and it’s arriving on mobile devices. But since smartphones and tablets usually can’t keep up with the performance of an average desktop computer or gaming console, 3d models intended for mobile devices have to be carefully optimized to look good and perform well. In this blogpost, you’ll learn why, when and how these optimizations work.

3D Optimization

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