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Wie Zeiterfassung dein Geschäft ankurbelt

Mehr Geld in weniger Zeit zu verdienen ist wohl der Traum aller Unternehmer. Darum wird eine große Anzahl an KPIs verfolgt, die deinen Umsatz über die Zeit beeinflussen. Ironischer weise findet sich Zeit darunter nur selten. Weißt du womit (und vor allem wie sinnvoll) du deine gesamte Zeit verbringst? Wann leistest du am meisten oder machst den meisten Umsatz pro Stunde? Insgesamt ist es sehr wahrscheinlich, dass du in weniger Zeit mehr schaffen könntest.

time is money

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How to make Customers Happy

I’m sure many a developer and creative service provider is on occasion pondering that very question. Well, it could be achieved with chocolate, wine, super low prices, etc. But it would probably work better with ongoing communication and active inclusion of the client in the development process. But how to put that rather abstract notion into practice?


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Security and the iPhone

What kind of data am I releasing into the world and how can I protect personal information from being stolen or misused? These are frequently asked questions nowadays, but unfortunately, there is no universal answer that works for everyone. Nevertheless, I would like to give you some pointers on how to better protect your privacy in the digital age.



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CodeFlügel @ 15 Seconds Festival 2016

It’s Friday night and I’m chilling and barbecuing with friends, when I suddenly get a text message. Do I want to go to 15 Seconds Festival? Well, of course I do! This year, the festival previously known as Marketing Rockstars housed 3.000 people on 12.000m² They say it’s a festival for people who think ahead – a perfect fit for CodeFlügel, now we’re definitely going 😉


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Why Virtual Reality has now become real

Virtual Reality (short: VR) is a promise of comprehensive digitalization, which was initially given in the 1980s and has been waiting to be kept ever since. Thanks to the evolution in important key areas, such as the production of high resolution displays and the vast improvements in graphics performance or sensor technology, to name but a few, the results which can be achieved today are a veritable spectacle.


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CodeFlügel @ bauma 2016

Yes, you guessed it, we’ve visited another trade fair recently – bauma 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery. Trade fairs are important for business and even more so, if a fair is only organized every three years like bauma. One of our clients recently attended bauma 2016 in Munich with an AR app we developed for them. And since we care about our customers, we also care about their success at trade shows. So to be sure everything would work smoothly, we accompanied them.


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