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Storytelling in the Digital Age

Some time ago, my little son was sitting in our living room playing with his toy cars. He loves those and separating him from them, when he is re-enacting a dramatic race is all but impossible. That day, though, something was different. I had just installed an app on my smartphone with which I could magically (to him, anyway) make a dragon appear. So, I asked him whether he wanted to see an awesome magic trick. Sure, he did. He came over and looked at my smartphone, when suddenly the dragon appeared out of nowhere and went flying across the room.


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Like Family – CodeFlügel at CeBIT 2017 in Hanover

Last week, the CeBIT trade show was held in Hanover again. And I’m sure you’ve been dying to know what it looks like from the point of view of an exhibitor. Luckily for you, we had a booth this year, in exhibition hall 11, the hall for start-ups. Even though we aren’t actually a start-up anymore (more on that later) we were pretty comfortable and happy to be there. And, most importantly, we took many new impressions, inputs and stories home with us.


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Why your Business needs an Interactive Wall

Imagine customers walking into your showroom booth. No leaflet, no boring flyers and no dull video playing on a lame screen. None of that at your booth. Instead, your customers, riveted, have their eyes on the wall, using their hands to touch it, triggering various colorful animations and interactive effects. They discover your product and services in a unique and engaging way which will have them talking about you for a long time. Congratulations, your interactive wall is the most catchy marketing tool of the whole showroom!

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Augmented Reality and Usability

Sometimes it can be hard for users to navigate Augmented Reality apps. Either because they don’t really know what to do with AR or because they can’t work the app. But it won’t do to utter a sighed, “the world simply isn’t ready for this yet!” and give up. There are a few things you can do to prevent that scenario, which is why we’re sharing some of our tips with you today.

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What’s next in e-commerce? The Printed Online Shop

Depending on the country you live in, up to 30% of total sales revenue is made online and as many as 70% of people regularly do their shopping online. As these numbers keep growing, we wonder whether the advancement in technology will one day be the end of actual stores. What’s next for e-commerce and how will it change the way we shop? A critical perspective.

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Why blogging helps your business – 5 tips for building a successful blog

Every week, we write about a new topic. Correction: almost every week, because sometimes, we also say things like these: I’m already completely booked, that has priority over writing a silly blogpost! Blogging won’t get me anything, the project I’m working on will! Anyway, I can’t think of a good topic and nobody cares about what I’m doing in my day to day business! Also I have on occasion said something along those lines and maybe you have, too. But really, these are just pretexts – blogging can be very useful, especially for small to medium businesses. Don’t believe me? Read on.


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The Basics of Beacons

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what the hell are those ‘beacons’ everyone keeps talking about?” you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve actually never heard of them before, but now have a burning need to know, you’re in luck as well. In this article, I want to tell you what beacons are and how you might use them. And don’t worry, you don’t really have to be tech-savvy to understand what I’m going on about.

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