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Instagram AR Filter: Die wichtigsten Infos für das Marketing

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Für viele ist AR immer noch ein Akronym für die Zukunft. Augmented Reality (AR) ist jedoch bereits allgegenwärtig in deinen bescheidenen Instagram Stories. Alle Filter, die du in Instagram Stories siehst, welche digitale Inhalte mit der Realität verbinden, um ein neues (erweitertes) Bild in Echtzeit zu erstellen — teils fiktional, teils faktisch, fallen unter die Definition AR bzw. Instagram AR Filter.

Instagram AR Filter: Titelbild

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Wienerberger setzt auf Innovation!

Richtig gelesen, auch mit älteren Produkten wie Tonziegeln im Produktportfolio kann man die digitale Schiene einschlagen. „TON SCHAFFT MEHR“ lautet das Statement von Wienerberger – und Wienerberger selbst schafft noch viel mehr, wie man beim Messeauftritt auf der BAU in München Anfang Jänner gesehen hat: Ein innovativer, modern inszenierter und konzeptionell durchdachter Messestand. Der Marktführer überzeugt mit professionellem und innovativem Auftreten – und CodeFlügel war live dabei! Du fragst dich warum? Na, dann lies einfach weiter 😉

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In welchen Bereichen werden AR und VR das Marketing und die Werbung verändern?

Die erweiterten Realitäten, also AR, VR und MR bahnen sich gerade den Weg in die Werbe- und Marketingwelt und sind dabei, auch diesen Bereich umzukrempeln. Vielen ist aber noch unklar, wie diese Technologien genutzt werden können, um unser Leben zu vereinfachen und das Marketing effektiver zu machen. In diesem Beitrag werde ich euch ein paar kurze Impulse geben, wie sich diese Technologien in Zukunft auf das Marketing und die Werbung auswirken werden.

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Wie hilfreich ist Augmented Reality für das Marketing?

Es ist soweit, Augmented Reality (AR) ist in den Köpfen der Bevölkerung angelangt und fängt an, die Grenzen zwischen digitalen Inhalten und der Realität zu verwischen. Unsere Sinne werden aktuell durch verschiedenste AR Erlebnisse überwältigt und die Erfahrungen werden mit rasantem Tempo besser und besser. Aber wie hilfreich oder effektiv ist eigentlich Augmented Reality für das Marketing? Tja, man könnte sich wundern….

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Trade Show Time = Augmented Reality Time

After the usual relatively quiet phase in offices around the world during the summer holidays, people start to slowly return with the arrival of autumn. Among them are, of course, also sales employees who are immediately told to “be productive” and “sell something!” This they do not only from the comfort of their office desk, but also on the go and at trade shows, which is where we come into play.

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How To Livestream Your Event

Recently the GameDev Days 2018 took place in Graz (with CodeFluegel as one of the proud sponsors!) and all talks and panels of the 3-day conference were livestreamed via Twitch to an international audience. Definitely consider livestreaming the next time you’re hosting an event, talk, presentation or panel, it usually pays off and is not too hard a thing to do either, as this blog (and my personal one) will show you.

GameDev Days Graz by

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Augmented Reality: from a WOW-Effect to a Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, Augmented Reality (AR) is a concept known to most. Fiction became reality and linking digital content to the real world is no longer a problem. Although the technology was more of a gimmick in its beginnings, more and more companies and brands are now recognising the marketing potential it offers. In this article, I’ll tell you why every company should be thinking about an Augmented Reality marketing strategy – because AR is able to do so much more than just entertain!

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CodeFlügel goes Fifteen Seconds Festival

For four years, bright and creative people from all corners of the world and from many different industries have been flocking to Graz for two days in Summer. With their know-how, they set new trends in marketing, advertising, media, technology, digital, HR and leadership. This year, six stages were home to 100 speakers who aimed to enthuse, fascinate and inspire about 5000 visitors. Networking, inspiration and knowledge transfer are central to the event – after all, it is about thinking ahead and creating the future together.

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5 Business Use Cases for Augmented Reality

Obviously, we think that Augmented Reality is the future and by now, this technology has entered the mass market quite well. The first reaction to seeing an AR application for the first time is always amazement and yet, we’re often asked whether companies can really benefit from Augmented Reality apps. The short answer is, “Yes, definitely!” and the longer answer can be found in the following 5 use cases for Augmented Reality in general and businesses in particular.

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The Future of Storytelling

The way we communicate has not only changed over the last few years, it has reached altogether new levels. Thanks to digitalization, we can easily send messages, upload photos and invite friends across the entire globe. Millions of contents can reach us anywhere and at any time. The good old text message has long been replaced by WhatsApp and other messengers – writing letters already seems a bit antiquated. With such a multitude of possibilities, we often have a hard time selecting a channel of communication. Marketing and communication experts do their best to navigate this in order to provide us with seemingly individual contents. With the pace at which we are communicating nowadays, I always look for chances to tell stories and wonder how we will consume them in the future.

future storytelling

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