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Wie hilfreich ist Augmented Reality für das Marketing?

Es ist soweit, Augmented Reality (AR) ist in den Köpfen der Bevölkerung angelangt und fängt an, die Grenzen zwischen digitalen Inhalten und der Realität zu verwischen. Unsere Sinne werden aktuell durch verschiedenste AR Erlebnisse überwältigt und die Erfahrungen werden mit rasantem Tempo besser und besser. Aber wie hilfreich oder effektiv ist eigentlich Augmented Reality für das Marketing? Tja, man könnte sich wundern….

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3D Product Visualization on the Web

Generally, 3D product visualization and configuration is not a brand-new topic. Various kitchen and living room planning tools spring to mind. But by utilizing the latest web technologies, 3D configurators can now be integrated directly into websites and online shops. Thus, they can be used by anyone at home, without the need to install additional software.

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What’s next in e-commerce? The Printed Online Shop

Depending on the country you live in, up to 30% of total sales revenue is made online and as many as 70% of people regularly do their shopping online. As these numbers keep growing, we wonder whether the advancement in technology will one day be the end of actual stores. What’s next for e-commerce and how will it change the way we shop? A critical perspective.

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How to choose the right online shop system

Let’s say you’re a talented designer of handbags or decorative items and you’d like to sell them online. In a forum, you read about a free shop system that has lots of features and can be customized to your exact needs. You excitedly download it and install it on your server. After logging in, however, you have to admit that you’re completely lost. You ask your search engine of choice and after a few hours of futile research, you are ready to give up. That doesn’t sound very reasonable, now does it? 


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