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Android Studio – Tips and Tricks

As an Android developer, you’ve got the luxury of having Android Studio, a powerful IDE available to you free of charge. When you start developing, though, you might get lost in the multitudes of features and functions. You can’t tell what’s really useful and what’s stuff you will never ever need. In this article, I want to try to list some tips and tricks for the developers among you that I would have greatly appreciated when I was starting out. I won’t cover the basics of Android Studio, though. I will try to show you some hidden features and options which will make your everyday work a little easier.

Android Studio Tipps und Tricks

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Ways to build a mobile app

Let’s say you want a mobile app that’s exactly tailored to your needs and you ask us to do the programming. In what ways can we as developers realize that project? What are the important points to consider and where do the different ways of doing things differ in the end? If you’ve ever asked yourself these or similar questions, or if you are currently looking for someone to program your mobile app, you might find this article helpful.

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Working in Unity as a Team

Unity is really great for developing Augmented Reality (AR) applications and games. It’s easy to use and powerful, but once your project gets bigger, or you’re working with a large team, it’s likely you’ll stumble upon some shortcomings or problems regarding collaboration on the project. This blogpost should guide you through the most common stumbling blocks and enable you and your team to smoothly sail through the development process of a typical Unity project.


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