How much is an App?

This is a question often posed by our clients. And when they ask us, I tend to answer “well, that depends…” 😉 You could compare the cost of an app to buying a house – you can get one for a relatively small budget, but you can spend a pretty large sum as well. So how is the cost for an app calculated and what influences it?


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How do I get more app downloads? With App Store Optimisation!

Many developers know the prolem. You invest a lot of time and energy in your app and you want to make many people happy with it or help them in some way. Giddily, you publish it in the app stores and you can’t wait for those downloads to explode. However, shortly after that, there’s the seemingly  inevitable disillusionment: the download figures are stagnating at about 50 and nothing much is happening. If you’re financially dependent on your apps, that is an actual problem. Time for ASO – app store optimization!


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How to choose the right online shop system

Let’s say you’re a talented designer of handbags or decorative items and you’d like to sell them online. In a forum, you read about a free shop system that has lots of features and can be customized to your exact needs. You excitedly download it and install it on your server. After logging in, however, you have to admit that you’re completely lost. You ask your search engine of choice and after a few hours of futile research, you are ready to give up. That doesn’t sound very reasonable, now does it? 


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3D model optimization for mobile devices

Interactive 3D content is the big thing in technology right now and it’s arriving on mobile devices. But since smartphones and tablets usually can’t keep up with the performance of an average desktop computer or gaming console, 3d models intended for mobile devices have to be carefully optimized to look good and perform well. In this blogpost, you’ll learn why, when and how these optimizations work.

3D Optimization

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Wie Zeiterfassung dein Geschäft ankurbelt

Mehr Geld in weniger Zeit zu verdienen ist wohl der Traum aller Unternehmer. Darum wird eine große Anzahl an KPIs verfolgt, die deinen Umsatz über die Zeit beeinflussen. Ironischer weise findet sich Zeit darunter nur selten. Weißt du womit (und vor allem wie sinnvoll) du deine gesamte Zeit verbringst? Wann leistest du am meisten oder machst den meisten Umsatz pro Stunde? Insgesamt ist es sehr wahrscheinlich, dass du in weniger Zeit mehr schaffen könntest.

time is money

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Why blogging helps your business – 5 tips for building a successful blog

Every week, we write about a new topic. Correction: almost every week, because sometimes, we also say things like these: I’m already completely booked, that has priority over writing a silly blogpost! Blogging won’t get me anything, the project I’m working on will! Anyway, I can’t think of a good topic and nobody cares about what I’m doing in my day to day business! Also I have on occasion said something along those lines and maybe you have, too. But really, these are just pretexts – blogging can be very useful, especially for small to medium businesses. Don’t believe me? Read on.


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