Bluetooth Beacons allow for a location and time-based provision of information. The numerous possible use cases range from indoor navigation and promotional campaings in retail to entertainment and customer loyalty measures. Through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology, these small transmitters can be placed discretely and long-term without running out of battery power and can thus be used for a multitude of applications.

Here, you can find a selection of our articles on the topic:

The Basics of BeaconsBeacons

A short introduction to the Augmented Reality technology. If you’re not a seasoned beacon-pro, you might want to start here.



Beacon Ideen

10 Reasons why Beacons and Trade Shows are a Perfect Match

Trade shows are ideally suited for working with beacons. Find out why here.



Beacons or Bacon?

Infos on the capabilities and use cases  of bluetooth beacons, GPS and geofences as well as how we used this knowledge in our Augmented Reality app for Internorm.




zcircle. the digital Readers’ Circle

In this project we are collaborating on, beacons are used to create a digital magazine and newspaper kiosk, which offers a new take on the well-known readers’ circle model. Read more about the project here.



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