Visualizing buildings in reality even before they are built – an example – Argos

It’s been a long time coming, but it is finally official – the lot at number 15 Burggasse, Graz goes to (…drumroll…): Argos! We are proud to have been called on to visualize the project associated with star architect Zaha Hadid with our expertise in Augmented Reality and to have helped make the ground-breaking ceremony a great success.

Augmented Reality and architecture app


Celebration of Argos

The hundred-eyed giant of a building was designed by Zaha Hadid, a British star architect with Iraqui roots.  When a project like this is finally ready for construction, it’s only fitting to start with a bang. On gound-breaking day, a large tent temporarily took the place the finished building will inhabit and served as the space for the celebrations. 

The inside was fancy: patio heaters, catering, the high society of Graz … and CodeFlügel!

Our task was simple: Use our expertise in augmented reality to visualize the project in a new and innovative way. And get others excited about it as well.


Sharing the fascination for AR: (left to right) Claus Degendorfer, Christian Buchmann and Dieter Johs


Augmented Reality and Architecture

This was, of course, not the first time we used AR to spur people’s imagination when it comes to architecture. In collaboration with the prefab house manufacturer Hartl Haus, we developed an app which lets prospective house buyers view different house models in 3D directly inside the sales catalog.

On the Argos project, we collaborated with WEGRAZ, FOON and Free Dimensions with the goal of developing an application that would let the users take a glimpse into the future.  With this mobile app, you can virtually ‘fill in’ the building site and see what it will look like when Argos is completed with the help of two 360° panorama pictures. Users can watch their future surroundings through their smartphone by looking through it while turning and moving it around. Floating icons give additional information about other innovative projects in Graz or other reference projects by WEGRAZ and Zaha Hadid Architects.

Additionally, when combined with the Argos flyer, the app shows you the building as 3D model. Just print out the flyer, tap on the “3D” button and center the flyer in the camera stream.  Future app updates will provide more insights into and about Argos, so do keep an eye out!


Now, we are sure that when Ms. Hadid stands in front of the empty lot at Burggasse, she can see her vision come to life without any help from technology. Everybody else can use our app for that and you can get it here for free:

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