Accessible Internet has all the Advantages at next to no Cost

Have you ever tried to find the door in a dark, strange room? Not that easy, is it? Even a pair of shoes can become a dangerous obstacle in this situation, not to mention a bed post or a chair. Very likely, 15% of internet users feel exactly like that when surfing your web page.

Barrierefreies Internet schafft blindes Vertrauen

people with special needs require your web site to be accessible


It’s not like physical pain, but if you’ve tried it, you know it’s not a nice feeling. The reason for this is that when developing web pages and applications, accessibility is seldom a concern, simply because it’s hard to empathize when you’ve never had to deal with having special needs yourself.


This is how many people experience a web page

However, there are even rules and standards for creating an accessible internet and most companies are actually required to adhere to them.

And it’s not only blind people who have a difficult time with pages which are not accessible – people who are visually or physically impaired, who are deaf or hard of hearing, who are developmentally challenged or have any other kind of special needs, face the same problems. But these people are just as much your potential customers as anybody else, there is no reason to exclude them. On the contrary, there are many reasons for designing your page with them in mind, since accessible internet has only advantages.

Accessible Internet – Benefits and Advantages

  1. Having an accessible page shows that you value communication and state-of-the-art technology. It says that you take your customers seriously!
  2. When you design your page to be accessible from the very beginning, there is almost no additional cost and the appearance of your page will not be affected at all!
  3. Accessible web development makes developers stick to web standards and thus produces error-free code. This, in turn, will positively influence your search engine ranking.
  4. When designing an accessible web page, developers have to add descriptions to links, pictures, videos and other elements – but for on-site search engine optimization, this is a must in any case. This additional information is not visible on your page and doesn’t make it “ugly” to look at, but search engines and accessibility tools heavily rely on it.

You don’t have to immediately redesign your entire web page in a blind panic in order to conform to all regulations. But with only a small effort, you can reach an additional 15% of the population, to name but one advantage. And these 15% will value your page more than some of the other 85%, even if they are not able to see it.

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