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Sebastijan has a constant thirst for new technologies, but mostly loves working with anything iOS. In his free time, he likes playing guitar and listening to music. He also loves the smell of Italian food, and vintage amplifiers.

iOS Apps with the Pleasures of a Modern User Experience

New iOS, new iPhones – new design standards! It’s been one month since Apple has revealed iOS 11 and its adoption rate is almost at 50%. On the other hand, there’s Android as their largest competitor, which has only 17% adoption rate for one-year-old version, Android Nougat. Apple makes a big deal about releasing their new iOS every year, so their users are used to following fresh and modern iOS standards. Incidentally, that’s exactly what you should do when making an app of your own. So let’s have a look at some basic design principles that will give your app the look and feel of the new iOS.

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