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Phil loves everything 3D, from a technical as well as from an artistic point of view. When he's not busy working on projects involving fancy new technologies he usually can be found pushing the local game-development community or playing with his cats.

Übersicht AR Frameworks – 2019 Update

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Nachdem Augmented Reality (AR) Anwendungen gerade wieder mal sehr gefragt sind (wie uns Christina vor kurzem in ihrem Blogpost über die beliebtesten AR Games erklärt hat) habe ich unsere Übersicht über AR Frameworks von Ende 2015 überprüft und festgestellt dass mittlerweile wieder alles anders ist. Innerhalb von nur wenigen Jahren hat sich die AR Framework Landschaft komplett verändert und sowohl als Unternehmen als auch als Developer darf man da nicht den Überblick verlieren. Aus diesem Grund habe ich in diesem Blogpost alle momentan (September 2019) relevanten Optionen nochmal aufgelistet und übersichtlich zusammengefasst!

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Was ist eigentlich Photogrammetrie?

Wer sich mit Möglichkeiten zur 3D Modell Erstellung beschäftigt, stolpert früher oder später über den Begriff Photogrammetrie. Gemeint ist damit eine Technik, die es erlaubt, aus Fotos eines realen Objektes ein digitales 3D Modell zu generieren. Doch keine Panik, liebe 3D Artists, niemand muss um seinen oder ihren Job fürchten, denn wie so alles im Leben hat auch diese Technik sowohl Vorteile als auch Nachteile. Da einige der Vorteile aber doch beachtlich sind, wollen wir hier einen genaueren Blick auf häufig verwendete Photogrammetrie Lösungen werfen!

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How To Livestream Your Event

Recently the GameDev Days 2018 took place in Graz (with CodeFluegel as one of the proud sponsors!) and all talks and panels of the 3-day conference were livestreamed via Twitch to an international audience. Definitely consider livestreaming the next time you’re hosting an event, talk, presentation or panel, it usually pays off and is not too hard a thing to do either, as this blog (and my personal one) will show you.

GameDev Days Graz by

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GDC 2018 AR/VR News & New Developments

The tech industry in general and the Augmented & Virtual Reality branches in particular are very fast-moving industries, with lots of new developments and knowledge being created every day. As a company, it is important to stay on top of our game, keep up with new announcements and releases and quickly evaluate and adapt to new and emerging technologies.

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What’s Gamification and how can it help my business?

The games industry has to deal with pursuing rather abstract goals: A game has to be “fun” (notable exceptions left out) and ideally motivate the player to come back and play again. And it’s safe to say that most games excel at this. Wouldn’t it be great if it was possible to use their findings to increase the user retention in your non-gaming app? That’s exactly what Gamification is all about! This blogpost will tell you how gamification works and how to make use of it.


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Performance Reports in Unity

Let’s start with an uncomfortable truth: No matter how well-programmed your app or game is, there’s a possibility it’s going to crash at one point. Now, if that happens, an angry user’s mail saying: “Your app crashed, fix it!” isn’t particularly helpful. Even worse, if you don’t get any crash notifications at all, so you’re just left wondering why your app store ratings are declining.


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Working in Unity as a Team

Unity is really great for developing Augmented Reality (AR) applications and games. It’s easy to use and powerful, but once your project gets bigger, or you’re working with a large team, it’s likely you’ll stumble upon some shortcomings or problems regarding collaboration on the project. This blogpost should guide you through the most common stumbling blocks and enable you and your team to smoothly sail through the development process of a typical Unity project.


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3D model optimization for mobile devices

Interactive 3D content is the big thing in technology right now and it’s arriving on mobile devices. But since smartphones and tablets usually can’t keep up with the performance of an average desktop computer or gaming console, 3d models intended for mobile devices have to be carefully optimized to look good and perform well. In this blogpost, you’ll learn why, when and how these optimizations work.

3D Optimization

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