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Some say, that being a vegetarian, Mathis doesn't get enough nutrients. But he still has enough energy to constantly satisfy his hunger for new things and expand his knowledge. In his free time, you can usually find him in lofty heights - on his slackline or hanging from his paraglider.

“Ich traue meinen Augen nicht mehr!” – News im Artificial Intelligence Zeitalter

„Fake News!“ – seit ein paar Jahren vergeht kaum ein Tag, an dem wir diesem Begriff nicht begegnen. Aber wie es scheint, sind wir gerade erst an der Spitze des Eisbergs angekommen, denn die Zukunft unseres Nachrichtenkonsums ist ebenfalls durch einen Begriff geprägt, der uns fast täglich begegnet: „Artificial Intelligence“ (AI). Wie das nun alles zusammenhängt, erfahrt ihr, wenn ihr weiterlest.

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10+ apps you need when travelling the world

Since I’m lucky enough to work for one of the best companies in the country, I got the chance to take a five month sabbatical at the beginning of this year in order to broaden my horizons. As the course I was most interested in was a correspondence course I could take from anywhere in the world, I decided to take advantage of this and to combine my professional development with my personal one. So, I packed my laptop and travelled to many different countries and when I wasn’t studying, I discovered new things and places around the world. Of course, being a smartphone junkie, I also used a lot of different apps to make travel life easier for myself. I’ll now take you through the ones I found most helpful.

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Android Studio – Tips and Tricks

As an Android developer, you’ve got the luxury of having Android Studio, a powerful IDE available to you free of charge. When you start developing, though, you might get lost in the multitudes of features and functions. You can’t tell what’s really useful and what’s stuff you will never ever need. In this article, I want to try to list some tips and tricks for the developers among you that I would have greatly appreciated when I was starting out. I won’t cover the basics of Android Studio, though. I will try to show you some hidden features and options which will make your everyday work a little easier.

Android Studio Tipps und Tricks

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„I’ve got nothing to hide!“ – You sure?

I can’t think how often I’ve heard that sentence. In any case, here’s what Edward Snowden has to say about it, “Arguing that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is like arguing that you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” So, if you’ve also found yourself saying or thinking it at some point, please continue here, because I’m sure you will have a different view when I’m done.

digital privacy

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How do I get more app downloads? With App Store Optimisation!

Many developers know the prolem. You invest a lot of time and energy in your app and you want to make many people happy with it or help them in some way. Giddily, you publish it in the app stores and you can’t wait for those downloads to explode. However, shortly after that, there’s the seemingly  inevitable disillusionment: the download figures are stagnating at about 50 and nothing much is happening. If you’re financially dependent on your apps, that is an actual problem. Time for ASO – app store optimization!


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CodeFlügel @ 15 Seconds Festival 2016

It’s Friday night and I’m chilling and barbecuing with friends, when I suddenly get a text message. Do I want to go to 15 Seconds Festival? Well, of course I do! This year, the festival previously known as Marketing Rockstars housed 3.000 people on 12.000m² They say it’s a festival for people who think ahead – a perfect fit for CodeFlügel, now we’re definitely going 😉


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