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Johannes is the de facto web- & chatbot overlord at CodeFlügel, while also acting as the executive Grammar Nazi, unless he works on his master thesis (computer science) or plays Magic: The Gathering.

Web-Development mit macOS

Glaubenskriege gibt es in der IT-Welt viele. Neben der ewig währenden Frage, ob emacs oder vim unter Masochisten nun der bessere Editor sei, ist besonders auch die Wahl des Betriebssystems für viele eine Grundsatzentscheidung. Die populärsten darunter – Windows, macOS (ehemals OS X) und Linux(-Derivate) – haben alle ihre Vorzüge und Eigenheiten, die für die Web-Entwicklung relevant sein können. In diesem Blog-Post zeigen wir euch, wie ihr euch bzw. euren Rechner fit für Web-Development mit macOS macht.

Web-Development mit macOS

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Chatbot to go, extra smart

Chatbots are a dime a dozen. Except for Alexa, Siri and co most of them are pretty stupid though. They only react to specific keywords and respond with a pre-defined phrase. Wouldn’t it be great to actually use the current hype around Machine Learning (ML) and NLP / NLU (Natural Language Processing / Understanding) to bring your chatbot to the next level? With a little bit of help from Microsoft Bot Framework, Botkit, Botmaster, API.AI,, Watson, LUIS and whatnot, you are in for a treat.

Chatbot/Robot by Alex Knight
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Commitment Issues – Git Branching made easy

Imagine a software development world without Git & Git Branching. Unthinkable – kinda. Linus Torvalds’ version control system is used in companies, universities and open source projects alike and it’s easy to get used to its powerful but simple approach. Still, everyone likes a different workflow, which is why teams have to adjust and agree on something to work as a team. A short guide to Git Branching – Commitment Issues gone.

Git Branching
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