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CodeFlügel is a developer, programmer, creative thinker, innovator and nerd. He is both an apple and android fanboy, he loves funny GIFs and many other things. Most importantly, he loves what he does.

Milestones – how big and small ideas change the (business) world

For us, 2017 was a year of milestones, with respect to the technologies we work with as well as well as in terms of our company’s development. Thus, the question I asked myself when writing this article was the following: what do the milestones in the development of Augmented Reality have in common with the milestones we celebrated here at CodeFlügel?

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The Future of Storytelling

The way we communicate has not only changed over the last few years, it has reached altogether new levels. Thanks to digitalization, we can easily send messages, upload photos and invite friends across the entire globe. Millions of contents can reach us anywhere and at any time. The good old text message has long been replaced by WhatsApp and other messengers – writing letters already seems a bit antiquated. With such a multitude of possibilities, we often have a hard time selecting a channel of communication. Marketing and communication experts do their best to navigate this in order to provide us with seemingly individual contents. With the pace at which we are communicating nowadays, I always look for chances to tell stories and wonder how we will consume them in the future.

future storytelling

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Stories about Alpine Villages and drab Halls

It’s August 23rd, 2017. It’s a sunny day –  few clouds wander across the skies and a light breeze is flowing through the streets of Graz. I am ready and my bags are packed. The car is loaded and off we go – to the Technology Talks at the European Forum Alpbach, to our trade show presentation with the Silicon Alps Cluster. The streets and landscape is slowly changing, motorways become mountain roads, rolling hills turn into impressive mountain ranges. What will be waiting for us at the other end? Who will we meet? Curiosity and worry intermingle. Did we pack everything? What if I can’t answer everybody’s questions? What if nobody turns up, what if nothing happens at all?

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Storytelling in the Digital Age

Some time ago, my little son was sitting in our living room playing with his toy cars. He loves those and separating him from them, when he is re-enacting a dramatic race is all but impossible. That day, though, something was different. I had just installed an app on my smartphone with which I could magically (to him, anyway) make a dragon appear. So, I asked him whether he wanted to see an awesome magic trick. Sure, he did. He came over and looked at my smartphone, when suddenly the dragon appeared out of nowhere and went flying across the room.


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Vuforia4Unreal 2.0 – Open Source Edition

It’s been a while since our last blog about the Vuforia4Unreal plugin. One year, two months and two days to be exact… And it took exactly one year for us to get it out of its drawer, dust it off, get it up to scratch and expand it a little bit in order to be able to publish it as an open source project. Today, we would like to tell you what’s new with our Vuforia4Unreal plugin and present a few of our many ideas for its future. I hope you’re as hyped as we are right now.


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Machine Learning for Automatic Breast Cancer Detection

You may ask yourself the question: What is this Machine Learning thing all about? Why is it getting so much attention these days and why should I care? If you are a non-technical person, you may have heard the name many times before, but chances are you may not know what the fuss is all about. In this article, I want to give you a very quick hands-on impression of how machine learning can be useful to you and why it is so interesting. You do not need any technical background to follow through.

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