Jumping in at the deep end with Augmented Reality

When you jump in at the deep end, you’ll start to swim fast. Everyone knows it, but few have the courage to actually do it. The pool manufacturer Leidenfrost is known for combining tradition and innovation and will soon jump into the vast ocean of Augmented Reality possibilities.

Your very own wellness area at home – imagine that! Honestly, who doesn’t dream of a sleek and modern inground pool in their very own garden? I don’t know many people who are not longing to relax at the pool in order to recover from a stressful day or release their pent-up energy and burn some calories while they’re at it. Failing that, a simple pool party with friends would be nice as well, wouldn’t it?

As you might have figured out by now, today’s blog post is all about pools. Therefore, my recommendation is this: get into a summer mood, read our blog and be amazed at what’s possible with technology these days.

Leidenfrost is an Austrian pool manufacturer and is part of our loyal client base. They offer highly modern pools in only the best quality and design and can help you with anything pool-related – definitely real experts in their field.

Questions, questions and more questions!

Looking at these photos, you can feel the desire for your own pool getting stronger, right? However, like most people, you might have a hard time imagining how it might best fit into your garden. After all, lots of questions present themselves when you start thinking about it.

  • – What pool size fits my garden best?
  • – Which is the prettiest color? (“What, there’s different colors of pools – isn’t it just all blue?”, some of you might be thinking as well.)
  • – Where to place the stairs?
  • – Do I have enough space for an area with some deck chairs?
  • – Which stone border best complements the house?
  • – Do I need a cover and which one should I get?
  • – Do I want a shower as well and if so, where?

I told you, it’s questions on top of questions with this. Already you might be slightly in over your head with the urge to plan you own pool decreasing as you go along. If we’re honest, buying an inground pool isn’t a decision you make casually or often – it needs considerable planning and thought. For most people, it is no small investment, after all. Therefore, you definitely don’t want to get the wrong thing and be sorry later. I’m sure everybody knows the negative feeling of buyer’s remorse. “If I had known that earlier, I would have bought something different!” ☹ Hindsight is always 20/20, as they say. But why can’t foresight be 20/20 as well?

Finally, the solution!

So, where is the solution to the problem we have all been waiting for?  Leidenfrost is the first pool manufacturer to jump in at the deep end and use an innovative technology in order to offer more comfort to their customers. How? With Augmented Reality (and CodeFlügel, of course)! And how will they do that, you ask? Quite simply by offering a free app which lets you place a virtual pool in your garden without the need for a reference marker. Markerless because, since the beginning of the year, you no longer need 2D reference pictures to trigger the Augmented Reality placement of 3D content, which is a huge step forward for the technology.

Any pool model, color and all of the different kinds of stone borders can be selected and placed on your lawn just out of thin air. And once placed, you can still configure the pool live to your heart’s content. Voilá! You’ve got a pool in your garden in real size. It’s still only digital, of course, but it can help you in a lot of ways. It’s not only possible to judge the dimensions of your backyard better. By seeing how the pool will look when it’s installed, you can make a better and faster decision which model would work best for you and in your space.

Such an Augmented Reality app can not only be used by you, a customer, but also by distributors, sales partners and the company’s own staff at trade shows. All the pools are just waiting in your pocket (i.e. on your smartphone) to be used for a product presentation. You still can’t quite grasp how that’s going to work? Well, then klick play and augment your imagination:

The Leidenfrost app will be available in stores soon. Then you can place pools practically everywhere you go 😉

Is this really the future?

Is Augmented Reality really the next step for product presentation and as a support for sales and marketing? Well, as Augmented Reality experts, we can see that the technology is becoming ever more sophisticated and customer-ready. We are sure that it will form the basis for holding your own on the market (independent of industry) and staying current and competitive. The virtual pool in your garden is just the beginning …