How to be the Center of Attention at Trade Shows with AR

Are you going to exhibit your products at a trade show and all you can think about is how to outdo your competition with new and fantastic menu plans? If so, we have a little tip for you – with augmented reality, your stand will not only draw attention at meal times. Even better, all eyes will be on your product and not on the fancy sushi chef you might have hired.

Seidel trade show app Electronica 2014

One of the most important things at a trade show is to get attention. But with multiple halls and hundreds of other companies working in the same field, that’s a hard task to accomplish. The obvious idea is to make your stand as big as possible, but if you’ve seen the price per square meter at the average trade show, you know that this isn’t the most cost-effective way to handle things. Of course, good food and useful giveaways also lead many people to your stand. But these things don’t really relate to your product and when it’s all over, they are the only things people will remember. I also noticed that a common trend is to use many large screens, but all that’s being played are standard product videos, which can get pretty boring over time. So, now that I’ve left you wondering what else you can do to get some attention, this is where I tell you about augmented reality.

Why am I the person to do that, you may ask. Well, we usually accompany our clients to the first trade show with their brand new augmented reality app. Doing this, I’ve been to many a trade show myself and could observe the effects of augmented reality on their visitors. Which is why I would now like to share my experiences with you and show you some advantages and possible applications of AR at trade shows.

Why AR and trade shows are a perfect match

One of the greatest advantages of augmented reality is that it’s still relatively unknown and thus adds an automatic wow-effect. (If the thechnology is also new to you, here’s a short introduction). Therefore, AR can draw the attention of the crowds pretty quickly and will automatically make your stand a Mekka for any tech-enthusiasts at the show.


Any screens you might already have available, can be reused for augmented reality, since you can easily livestream the AR application as it is being used on your tablet. Thus, you not only have appealing and constantly changing video material, but can also grab the attention of visitors who would normally just have walked by your stand and interactively engage them in your demonstration.


This is what I really love about augmented reality at trade shows. It isn’t just a tool that attracts attention. The app’s AR content also supports the staff at your stand in presenting  your products from their best angles. Many things you’d like to exhibit are too big to take with you, or otherwise the transport costs would burn a large hole into your budget. With AR, you can present a 3D model of your product when talking to your customers and by animating the models, you can showcase the product’s functionality or certain workflows. You can also, for example, hide your product’s outer casing in order to take a virtual tour through its inner workings together with your customer and thus show its advantages even better.

seidel_jetflyer_giveawayNow, I’ve kept the probably best thing about AR for last. Even the most delicous food and exciting videos will be forgotten a few days after the trade show, which is why various giveaways are often used. You hand out lots of pens, notepads, mints and other small favors and hope that people will remember your company while they use them. Here, augmented reality represents an additional multiplier. If you offer your AR app through the AppStores, you make it possible for your visitors and customers to take the AR wow-effect home and to show this technology to their colleagues as well. Thus, I’m sure your company will remain fresh in everyone’s mind for a lot longer.

An app as individual as your company

That leaves us with one important question: how can your company efficiently use augmented reality at trade shows? Well, there’s a multitude of different things you can do. The contents you can display with AR can be pictures, links, videos or completely animated 3D models. And the so-called targets (the reference images which trigger the specific contents) can be placed nearly everywhere – on invitations, large-scale installations on revolving stages and podiums or on small giveaways. This way, you can cover the complete communication with AR from beginning to end.

If I now got you all excited about AR at trade shows, even if you don’t have a concrete application in mind yet, we’d love to hear from you. Since we’ve already realized many different applications for our customers, we’ll be happy to advise you on the perfect AR showcase for you.